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Light Painting - My first attempt

Lately I've been looking for new and unique photographic methods to apply to my product photography, as well as fun skills for my photography students to learn.

I've been drawn recently more and more toward light painting.  Usually light painting is a way for people to make "special effect" photos with shapes and lines created with flashlights.  Last night however, I came across the website of Harold Ross who opened my eyes to a whole new realm of light painting in photography (  

I read a few basic points about how to go about it and today, took a $5 flashlight and a manual speedlight to task at my first attempt with light painting.

After a significant amount of trial and error (about 4 hrs), then another hour of Photoshop I was able to produce what I think is a proper first attempt.

It really was a lot of fun and I can already imagine a heap of applications for this methodology.  Today I ordered a small LED 5" bank and a powerful LED flashlight so that I can further work on this skill.

Grab yourself a flashlight and give it a try yourself.  Once I've improved on my skill set I'll start posting some tutorials for everyone to try.

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